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We offer unmatched expertise in fiberglass  boat repairs in and around the St. Louis metro area, utilizing advanced techniques and high-quality materials to restore your boat’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, ensuring long-lasting results and exceptional customer satisfaction.





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Expert Fiberglass Boat Repair

Welcome to American Standard Fiberglass Boat Repair, where we specialize in restoring and enhancing the beauty and functionality of your cherished boats. With years of industry expertise and a passion for craftsmanship, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality boat repair services that consistently exceed expectations.

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Don’t let insurance claims slow you down – our expert fiberglass boat repair team works directly with insurance companies to ensure a smooth and efficient restoration process, so you can sail worry-free.

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Fiberglass Boat Repair Services

At American Standard Fiberglass, we offer a comprehensive range of services to restore and enhance the condition of your boat. Out expert team specializes in:

Gelcoat Repair and Restoration

Fixing scratches, cracks, and fading in the gelcoat to restore the original shine and finish of your boat.


Fiberglass Hull Repair

Repairing structural damage to the fiberglass hull, including cracks, holes, and delemation, ensuring the integrity of your boat’s structure.


Gelcoat and Refinishing

Transforming the appearance of your boat with professional gelocoat and refinishing services, including hull gelcoat repair, color matching, and application of protective coatings.


Deck and Transom Repairs

Addressing issues such as soft spots, rot, and water damage in the deck and transom restoring their strength and functionality.


Structural Fiberglass Repair

Addressing issues such as soft spots, rot, and water damage Expertly repairing and reinforcing various structural components of your boat, for optimal safety and performance.


Fiberglass Component Fabrication

Designing and manufacturing fiberglass components tailored to your boat’s specific needs, as well as repairing or replacing damaged components.

Quality Work

Explore our Boat Transformations

Our gallery showcases the impressive transformation we have achieved through out meticulous boat repair work. Take a visual journey through the before-and-after images below to witness the stunning results for yourself:

At American Standard Fiberglass Repair, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality repairs and restoration. Our skilled technicians have successfully talked a wide range of challenges, including gelcoat repairs, fiberglass hull restorations, deck and transom repairs, structural fiberglass fixes, and more. Every project that your boat receives the care it deserves.

Quality Work

Testimonials from Satisfied Boat Owners

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with American Standard Fiberglass!

Thank you to Jon Turner with American Standard Fiberglass Repair… for the awesome work to my boat! Great time and turn out time. Took boat out last night and no leaks or anything thanks!

Chris L.

Boat Owner

Jon’s work is always on point. I’ve done business with Jon multiple times and he is always fair and on time!

Alex L.

Boat Owner


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