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Discover professional fiberglass boat repair services, where precision meets durability. Our experts are dedicated to restoring your vessel’s condition and performance with unmatched craftsmanship.

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Our Fiberglass Boat Repair Services

American Standard Fiberglass is committed to excellence in fiberglass boat repair, led by Jon Turner’s lifelong expertise and passion. With a skilled team versed in a broad spectrum of boat issues, we guarantee superior craftsmanship and lasting solutions, ensuring your vessel receives the highest standard of care and attention it deserves.

Jon Turner doing fiberglass boat repair work on a red boat

Always On Point

Structural Fiberglass Repair

Our structural repair services are designed to address and rectify the core integrity issues of your boat, ensuring safety and durability.

Hull Repairs

From minor dings to major cracks, we restore the hull to its original strength and performance.

Keel and Bottom Repairs

We specialize in keel fixes and bottom restoration, crucial for the boat’s stability and efficiency in the water.

Transom Replacement and Repairs

Ensuring the transom’s integrity, we offer comprehensive repairs and replacements tailored to withstand the marine environment’s demands.

Always On Point

Cosmetic Fiberglass Repair

Aesthetic appeal is just as important as structural integrity. Our cosmetic repair services ensure your boat looks as good as it performs.

Gelcoat Repairs and Refinishing

We restore your boat’s gelcoat to its original glory, fixing scratches, nicks, and sun damage.

Color Matching and Custom Finishes

Our color matching expertise ensures seamless repairs, while custom finishes allow for a personalized touch.

Non-skid Surface Repair and Replacement

Enhance safety and appearance with our non-skid surface solutions, designed for durability and grip.

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Jon Turner




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