Fiberglass, Gel-coat & Poly- Flake Repair Services

At American Standard Fiberglass Repair, we offer fiberglass, gel-coat, and poly-flake repair services. Our team of expert professionals has over 30 years of combined experience.

American Standard Fiberglass Repair

The Larger Perspective

Fiberglass is a high-quality material that has high impermeability. It can become damaged in several ways. When the damage happens, it requires an immediate fix. Our team has in-depth experience working with fiberglass repairs in varying capacities and scopes.

The gel-coat that protects the fiberglass structure is one of the essential aspects that require adequate maintenance. A gel-coat that is damaged or worn out does way more harm than just give a shabby appearance.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Our Approach

At American Standard Fiberglass Repair, our approach to fiberglass repair is all-encompassing and precise. We deal with each step of the repair process with care, and ensure the finished product is seamless, and the fixing process itself is secure and reliable.

We have put together a streamlined repair process to deliver your product as perfect as it can be. If fiberglass repair is what you need, feel free to trust the professionals at American Standard Fiberglass Repair.

American Standard Fiberglass Repair
American Standard Fiberglass Repair

Repair Services We Offer

  • Gel-coat repair
  • Poly-flake repair
  • Fiberglass repair