Factory-Grade Fiberglass Repairs in Arizona

It has been over 30 years since we have been offering our services to our customers in Mesa, Arizona. Our goal is to lead the industry from the helm and become one of the most sought-after sources in the field. We infuse industry-leading technical advancements in our work to achieve that end. Our team believes in bringing value to our customers through the services we offer.

American Standard Fiberglass Repair

Our Process

Composite material has hugely evolved over the years. Keeping our techniques up to date is also how we bring an extra dose of perfection to our work. Our vast experience in the field offers us the knowledge and confidence to take up even the most daunting of tasks. We make sure that our customers are reasonably charged for the services they avail of us.

At American Standard Fiberglass Repair, we have a team of seasoned technicians that has been with us for several years. They provide promptly if not effectively address your fiberglass repair and restoration requirements.

Exceptional Customer Service

Be it fiberglass repair, gel-coat repair, or gel-coat color matching; we have our experts that can determine if the damage is cosmetic or structural. Our goal is to find the fix that is right for you as quickly as possible to save you time and money.

We value every opportunity we get to create a long-term relationship with our customers.

American Standard Fiberglass Repair